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12. December 2017
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15. January 2018
MagicCon 2 | Master of Ceremonies | Thomas Ritzinger

MagicCon 2 | Master of Ceremonies | Thomas Ritzinger

With Thomas Ritzinger we welcome a competent and committed MagicCon 2018 Master of Ceremonies . He is looking forward to welcoming you and his new role on the con stages in Bonn.

Tom is already known to many of our event visitors as a proven presenter of the costume contest (organized and presented byHydra Forge), which he has moderated in recent years at FedCon and the first MagicCon. In 2015, he celebrated his entry into the world of moderators in Düsseldorf on the side stage of FedCon 24 in 2015, and the native Austrian likes to slip into one or two costumes to portray characters from the fantasy genre.

In addition to his activities as an actor, director and author, Thomas Ritzinger studies media management. He completed his acting training in Salzburg and has been on stage professionally since 2001.

That’s why we wish our Tom “Toi Toi Toi Toi” for his new challenge as our Master of Ceremonies at MagicCon.