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MagicCon 4 | Workshop | Kartenlegen lernen mit Tarot | by Beatríce

At the last two MagicCon events the Tarot Workshop was always fully booked – so there seems to be a lot of interest in this topic!

Due to the great demand and the unfortunately limited number of participants (due to the practical part) you will have the opportunity to participate in the Tarot Workshop again this year.

If you always wanted to learn card laying or want to know how to do it, what it all contains and what there is to consider, then this crash course is just right for you!

You don’t need any previous knowledge for this – Beatríce Belba explains the system and the structure of the Tarot step by step from zero, including documents for home.

In a following practical part you will learn under her supervision how to lay cards for others (mutually in group work).

Of course, after these two hours you will not be a professional cartomancer – but you will understand the background better and further learning will be much easier.

Advance registration is required! Please send it with date of birth, first and last name by e-mail (see info block). Should the workshop not be fully booked by the time of the con, the list of participants will be available at the info stand and you can still register on site.

Attention: Minimum age for participation is 18 years!

Workshop leader: Beatríce Belba
Max. attendance: 28  -  Pre-registration at:
Fee: EUR 5,00  -  Duration: 120 min
The Workshop will be held in: german  -  Material to be brought: Writing material for the workshop will be provided.
Beatríce Belba is 39 years old and lives in Cologne, where she works as a professional cartomancer, astrologer and tarot teacher. She has 20 years of Tarot experience and made this hobby her profession five years ago. Since then she regularly gives lectures at conventions, fairs and esoteric shops and is also an active member of the "German Tolkien Society".

Furthermore, with Beatríce Belba you can attend tarot training and also individual courses in tarot and astrology. With her extensive knowledge about various other esoteric topics she always offers a holistic spiritual consultation, which is individually tailored to her clients.

You can also experience cartomancy at MagicCon 4 again with Beatríce Belba: in the dealer's room she is available for short consultations in Tarot, Astrology and more the whole weekend.

Sources & additional links for Cartomancy with Tarot:


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