20. February 2022

Gold für die Schattenherren

Die Schattenherren is a dark fantasy trilogy successfully published by Piper. Author Robert Corvus has decided to publish the story in a new guise – as […]
22. February 2022

Phileasson-Saga: Elfenkönig

With Die Phileasson-Saga, Bernhard Hennen and Robert Corvus write one of Germany’s most successful fantasy series. In it, the greatest explorer and the greatest plunderer of […]
28. February 2022

Creating strange worlds

Writing lecture followed by Q&A We want to create a new world with you. Who is involved? In the beginning was the idea. An idea that […]
1. March 2022

Spiritus Daemonis

Spiritus Daemonis is a humorous mystery horror series in which con artist Vincent and esoteric saleswoman Teresa have to deal with all kinds of ghosts, demons […]
5. April 2022

From idea to book

How does an idea become a book? One thing is certain: the idea has to be up to scratch, because it has to withstand a lot: […]
6. April 2022

Nature spirits in real life

We all know elves, fairies, goblins, nymphs, dryads, dragons and the like from various fantasy stories, books, movies and so on, and they exert a strong […]
7. April 2022

Give lively readings

Readers don’t buy your book, they buy you. And your audience wants to be entertained at your reading (or at a lecture or at the P’n’P) […]
8. April 2022


Seelenwelten – Reading by and with Stefanie Karras You see the wisps of fog hanging in shreds in the dark treetops. It is the soft creaking […]
10. April 2022

Politics in Harry Potter

Have you ever wondered how the Minister of Magic is appointed? How the tickets for the grandstand at the Quidditch World Cup are donated and why […]
26. May 2022

The Game of Thrones Studio Tour

In recent years, there have always been different Game of Thrones exhibitions in various cities around the world, including Berlin and Oberhausen. Since this year, there […]