MagicCon is the convention in Europe that brings Fantasy & Mystery fans together since years. The traditional costume contest is the stage for all those who excel in their fandom and love to present their self-made costumes in friendly competition. At MagicCon 5 again, Hydra Forge presents this distinguished event with outstanding costumes and amazing ideas.

The presentation of your costumes on stage is not just for you, it is an amazing experience for the audience. Rewarding prizes and unforgettable memories await you. Perform live and impress a jury of well-known actors, artists and experts. Enjoy being celebrated as a winner in a spectacular award giving ceremony.

Following you will find the participation form and all information you’ll need to know.


Brief summary

Peformance time

Single participants: 30 seconds

Groups: 60 seconds

Music + Audio

Own chosen music: You can choose your track (more information follow after your regristration).

Microphone: If you need any microphone make a note in the regristration please.


Only props belonging directly to your costume are allowed.


The prizes for each category will be announced as soon as possible via our Hydra Forge facebook page.


At the moment no prejdudging is intended. But we keep the right to announce one if there are too much participants.


Directly after your regristration you will receive an automatic reply which validates your regristration. Furthermore, this mail contains information about the further development. A couple of days after we will contact you personally to check more details. Please check your spam folders as well to be sure to receive everything. If you haven’t received an automatic reply please make another registration.


The date is yet to be announced.

We will review your registration and validate your participation. In order to participate, you need a MagicCon 5 ticket. Please send us the ticket number until the deadline below to confirm your final participation.

Music for the stage: you can choose your own music by sending a track until the deadline. If not you will get a standard track. The music on stage will take 30 seconds but please send us the whole song with the Information which part do you want to be played.

Any other information will be found in the FAQ. If not, feel free to contact us at

Terms of Participation

  • The minimum age is 16 years at the time of the competition for the judged part
  • A valid MagicCon 5 ticket must have been purchased and confirmed
  • The costume has to be built by yourself for the most part (built not bought)
  • Please send us a picture of the original character
  • The costume must not have taken part at any contest of the MagicCon before


What does the participation require?
Only owners of a valid MagicCon 5 ticket for convention saturday are allowed to enter the contest. In order to be admitted to the judged competition participants must be at least 16 years of age. Costumes must be mostly self-built, the notion of "built, not bought" is paramount to this competition. There are no extra rules for the weapons. The con's rules are applied. A confirmed regristration is required at first. The costume must not have participated in any MagicCon contest before (see also the Terms of Participation above).
How is the contest structured?
The participants present their costumes on the convention saturday with short acts on stage. Accompanied by self chosen music they do a walk on stage while pictures of their characters are presented on a screen. Parallely, the act will be commented and facts concerning the costume will be delivered. Afterwards, the jury will make a comment. After the presentation of all costumes and groups the evaluation will be done and the prizes will be handed out directly. The contest will start at 8 pm. We will inform you soon enough where the meeting point will be.

Since we have a limited schedule for the contest we reserve the chance to do a prejudging. If it is necessary to do it the prejudging will be set right after the regristration deadline and a chosen jury will take a closer look and decide which participants will enter the final contest on stage. We will inform you if the prejudging takes place and who will be in the final round.
May I choose the background music?
Of course it is your decision which music belongs perfectly to your performance. Due to the organizaion the cosen titles have to reach us until the deadline shown in the regristration. The music sequences will take 30 seconds (for groups 60 secons) but please send us the whole song. No shortened or cut sequences. Please send us normal audio files (mp3, wma, wav) and no youtube-/downloadlinks.
Is a group presentation possible?
Yes, every group participant has to sign a single formular and mention the group name. Groups often present a short show and of course, they will get more time for it. Pleas contact us in case of questions.
Who is the jury?
Well-known actors, stars of the scene, artists and fandom-experts. The jury line up will be announced.
Will there be a dress rehearsal?
Yes, probably, it will be possible to visit the stage the evening before the contest and to have a closer look on it. We will explain how the contest will work and we will show you a demonstration walk with technical feedback. There you can enter the stage and explore everything you need.
How long will the contest take?
The contest will take all in all about 1 1/2 hour.
Which costumes are allowed?
Each costume fitting to the themes of MagicCon is allowed. It can represent a character out of a book, film, game or even be self-invented. All costumes have to be mostly built by yourself. The costume must not be judged in any MagicCon contest before.
Which weapons are allowed?
There won't be any special rules for the contest. The rules of the con will be applied.
Will there be a possibility to change our outfit?
The Maritim Hotel offers enough toilets with big space to change.
Can I store my clothes/bags/costume?
During the contest you will be able to leave your bag at our booth. But we only have limited space and cannot store your things the whole day. The garderobe will store things for a small fee.
Will there be drinks?
Drinks will be prepared for you backstage.
Are there mirrors and toilets?
The Maritim Hotel got lots of toilets with big mirrors.
May I bring an assistant because I am disabled?
Disabled people are allowed to bring an assistant to the event for free. Of course, they will be your companion for the contest but please inform us.
Is it allowed to use special effects like Pyro, light and fog?
Pyro effects are not allowed, light and stage effects will be realized by the technique team, always making your performances great.
Which props and setting is allowed?
You are not allowed to bring a set. Only props belonging directly to your costume are allowed.
Can I get a microphone/headset?
If you want to say something during your presentation please mention that in your regristration. We will check the practicability with the tech-team.

We assume that the host may ask you some questions regarding your costume. The more information you deliver the easier for the host to prepare questions to which you know the answers. We want to make you looking great on stage, not embarrass you.
Is it possible to sing?
Due to technical issues it is not possible to do a singing performance.
Which categories will be judged?
The categories will divide into cosplay and crafting with several sub categories which will be presented.
Which prizes are available?
The prizes will be announced soon via the Hydra Forge website and the appending Facebook and Twitter accounts.
Will there be a photographer?
Yes, our photographer, Daniel Dornhoefer, will be there to take pictures of your performance during the biggest moments. Furthermore, you can always visit us at our Hydra Forge booth to take pictures with a background.

Registration Form

The application form for the competition is currently not yet unlocked.
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