Iasanara (Premiere)
5. July 2024
Magical Realism
10. July 2024
Iasanara (Premiere)
5. July 2024
Magical Realism
10. July 2024

MagicCon 7 | Vortrag | Feywind - High Fantasy (Lesung)

Peter Hohmann reads various short passages from his eight-volume Feywind Saga and answers questions from the audience.

The Feywind Saga (blurb volume 1):

A shy mage and a shrunken dragon face off against an ancient enemy.

An epic high-fantasy adventure about the shy mage Feywind, a stubborn elf, a warrior driven by a desire for revenge – and a shrunken dragon who more than makes up for his small size with his cheeky mouth.

When Feywind’s father dies under mysterious circumstances, the young mage starts his own investigation and attracts the attention of a powerful enemy: the Inquisition.

Together with his companions, Feywind tries to find answers in the elven city of Jalnaptra. But the enemy is hot on their heels.

When they uncover the Inquisition’s true motives, suddenly far more than just their lives are at stake.

A fantasy novel with suspense, unexpected twists, action and a dash of humor.

Lecturer: Peter Hohmann
Duration: 30 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german

Peter Hohmann is a German fantasy, science fiction and thriller author. Many of his books have already reached number 1 in various Amazon categories and have received a total of around 18,000 ratings to date. His book "Operation Thule" will probably be filmed as an 8-part streaming series.

He now works as a full-time author. Before that, he was an English and PE teacher at a grammar school in his home town of Freising, where he still lives today - together with his wife, child and miniature poodle Timmi.

Before focusing solely on writing, he also played drums in a metal band. He now only pursues his enthusiasm for this style of music passively by attending concerts and festivals such as Wacken and Summer Breeze.

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