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6. April 2022
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MagicCon 5 | Vortrag | Lebendige Lesungen halten | Mary Cronos & Jan Giessmann

Readers don’t buy your book, they buy you. And your audience wants to be entertained at your reading (or at a lecture or at the P’n’P) – and they deserve it. They give you time and ideally even money. But how do you turn your event into an experience that your audience will still associate with you next year?

We would like to create a basis with you with the lecture Give lively readings: From planning and preparing a good reading, to authentic, gripping delivery and dealing with stage fright, to making a lasting impression and a likeable memory.

You won’t get a prefabricated all-round concept from us, but the tools to create and carry out an individual reading that suits you and your book.

We will start with a crash course lecture and then (if you like) work together in small groups on your ideas – and maybe there will be enough time for a small sample reading. We will be happy to adapt the schedule to suit you and your needs. Feel free to tell us your wishes beforehand at the con.

Lecturer: Mary Cronos, Jan Gießmann
Duration: 90 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german
Mary Cronos is creative chaos personified. Besides art and fakriro, her great passion is writing - so far in the genres of fantasy, crime and mystery-horror.

It all started with her magical parallel world Nafishur, which she writes from two perspectives at once. It continued with her publishing debut Houston Hall - Schatten der Vergangenheit, a mystery thriller that was shortlisted in the Best German Novel category of the German Fantasy Prize in 2019. Now she writes humorous mystery horror with Jan Gießmann with Spiritus Daemonis.

Just writing and having faith in the plot sums up Jan Gießmann's way of working perfectly. After all, if you already knew where you wanted to go, the journey would be boring. He regularly argues with his characters and sometimes isn't sure who is actually in charge within his books. With Der Orden der Geweihten, he created a dark world around the elite fighter Cilana. The Beastseller, on the other hand, pursues the not at all exaggerated goal of permanently changing the way fantasy stories are read and experienced. One has to remain realistic for a change!

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Mary Cronos
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Jan Gießmann
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