Der Fluch des schwarzen Phönix
14. June 2024
Wide world of role-playing games
16. June 2024
Der Fluch des schwarzen Phönix
14. June 2024
Wide world of role-playing games
16. June 2024

MagicCon 7 | Vortrag | Save our Show - Fan-Kampagnen

Series always come to a premature end! More and more fans are following the calls to Gondor and starting a Save Campaign. Save our show, fans have shouted several times. Billboards and other campaigns are springing up to catch the attention of broadcasters and maker networks.

But what does it really take to save a series?

We look at the history of Save Campaigns and where it all began.

Which series have successfully survived their own cancellation?

What have fans done to show that they want another season or more? Using prominent and current examples, we look at successful campaigns. And the one or other unsuccessful rescue and the disintegration of fan campaigns.

What happens after a series is saved? And what consequences can this have for the fans, cast, crew and the series itself?

What does it really take to save a series? Billboards? Letter campaigns? Or just luck? What are the most important factors for a fan campaign to be successful? When did these recipes for success come into play in the series that have already been saved?

And what about the series that have recently been canceled? What chances do Shadow And Bone and Kohlrabenschwarz have? Which other series could possibly be on the verge of the longed-for rescue?

Lecturer: Yve Trust
Duration: 60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german

Yve Trust is a writer through and through.

By day a technical editor, by night (unfortunately) not Batman, but indie author and creator.

In 2022 she published her first book, the dark fantasy adventure novel Eye of Kane. The second book, The Ohana Cookbook, followed the following year. The sequel to Eye of Kane, Curse of the Medjai is expected in 2024. As a traveling soul, all of her books are inspired by her travels, so far especially Hawaii, where Yve got a taste of set experience at Magnum PI.

In addition to her books, Yve is currently working on screenplays. She is also working on voice work and podcasts which will be released later this year.

Sources & additional links for Save our Show – Fan campaigns:


Website (Lunch Break Creations)

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