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19. February 2020
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16. March 2020
MagicCon 4 | Sonstiges | Aktuelle Informationen

MagicCon 4 | Sonstiges | Aktuelle Informationen

Info from March 10, 2020

A short statement from us on the “Covid-19 Madness”!

We are asked more and more often if MagicCon will take place.

The answer is: At the moment there is no cancellation by us or by the authorities. This means that we are not directly affected by this at the moment, as MagicCon will not take place until next month. Of course, there is the danger that the responsible authorities will ban MagicCon or impose conditions on us, which we will then fulfil.

Regarding the current situation: MagicCon lasts 3 days and does not have a huge influx of visitors, such as trade fairs that are currently being cancelled or football matches. We are still keeping an eye on the situation and follow the instructions of the health authorities etc.

The “worst case scenario” could be postponing the event, if at all. If something changes, we will of course announce this in due course.

We ask you not to speculate in this regard, as it will not help anyone and will only lead to greater uncertainty.

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