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Official press information on MagicCon is available to journalists via o.g. Press department. Press support before, during and after the convention.

Accreditation to the convention

Here you have the opportunity to be accredited online for the coverage of MagicCon. We reserve the right to demand proof of your journalistic activities within the framework of their accreditations.

Press accreditations for MagicCon 4 are always and exclusively possible via accreditation form below. Each accreditation will be answered via email.

Bild/Scan des Presseausweises:

Please fill in all fields marked with *.

[alert style="warning"]We need the data requested above to be able to process and answer your accreditation accordingly. Your data will be digitally archived with us for accreditations to another event, and/or notifications on our part to other/new events.[/alert]


Das vollständig ausgefüllte Akkreditierungsformular muss inkl. eines Bildes/Scans des gültigen Presseausweises abgesandt werden.
Auditors report with editorially order for MagicCon providing the extent on reporting, information on runs and circulation on for online publishing: information on regular updates of website and amount of visitors.
Auditors report with editorially order for MagicCon providing the extent on program (runs, duration, ratings), name and position of team members you will be accredited.
Auditors report with editorially order for MagicCon.
5PR agents
Auditors report with editorially order for MagicCon providing information on the media the reporting shall take place.
6Access authorization
Press accreditation provide access to the public area of MagicCon. No acces to backstage areas. Taking pictures is allowed in the public area of MagicCon. Videotaping is forbidden in the talk area but possible in the public area. MagicCon cannot guarantee access to the talk area once talks are sold out.
7Confirmation of accreditation
A confirmation will be sent to you via E-Mail once the application has been viewed. A printed version of this confirmation must be brought to MagicCon. You will receive a ticket and further documents at the entrance are by providing your printed confirmation.
8Press pass
Bei Verlust der Pressekarte auf der MagicCon kann eine Ersatzkarte nur gegen Bezahlung einer Schutzgebühr von 20,00 Euro ausgestellt werden. Dies gilt ebenso bei Verlust des Armbands, welches Sie zusammen mit der Pressekarte erhalten und während des gesamten Besuchs unserer Veranstaltung getragen werden muss.
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