Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to the most important questions about the convention.
1Day tickets - when can I buy them?
As a rule, day tickets can be purchased 2-3 months in advance via our shop system, or directly on site during the event.
2Day tickets - exchange?
According to our General Terms we don't take back tickets. Please make sure that your star has a photo session on that day.

Many people buy a cheap day ticket for Friday because they think we are a comic con where every day is the same program. This is not the case, we are a hotel convention with a different program every day. Autographs are always on Saturday and Sunday, photo shoots on all 3 days. The main actors are usually only on Saturday and Sunday.
3I intend to buy a day ticket and a photo voucher. When will my star have his photo session?
The complete program goes online about 8 weeks before. It will definitely tell you on which day your star will have his photo session.
4Can I get an autograph if I can't attend the convention?
Yes of course! Therefore we have our Send-In-Service.
5What is a „Sponsored Guest“?
An actor who comes to us on his own account. This means that neither autograph nor photo with him is included in any of our tickets and must be purchased separately.
6Are there discounted tickets for children?
Yes, there is. Children 6 - 12 years old are half price (under free).

Discounted weekend children's tickets are available in the ticket store. Day tickets for children are only available directly on site at the convention.
7Proof of age for the convention
Important for minors who would like to attend one of our conventions.

Please bring your identity card or passport with you to the con together with the declaration of consent of your legal guardian and your con confirmation.

If you buy a ticket on the spot, at the box office, you also have to identify yourself there and have the declaration of consent with you.

Declaration of consent of the parent or guardian PDF form (in German language).

Without these documents participation is not possible!
8I have a disability. Will my companion get a free ticket?
It depends on your disability card. If there is a B for accompanying person, your accompanying person will receive a free ticket.

Please send us an email to after your ticket purchase if you would like to register an accompanying person.
9Will tickets still be available on site?
Yes, but if for some reason this is not possible, please keep an eye on our social media channels for the latest information.
10Ticket Transfer
If you cannot come to a con for any reason, it is possible to transfer the ticket to a third party.

A return of the ticket by FedCon GmbH is not possible. See: General Terms.

The following applies to ticket transfer. The ticket holder can transfer his ticket to a third party up to 3 weeks before the event. The transfer of the ticket is only valid if it has been registered with the organizer.

The seller must confirm the transfer of the ticket in writing (e-mail, fax, post). The ticket number, name, e-mail and address of the buyer must be stated.

A rewriting fee of 25 EUR is due for each transfer of the ticket, whereby the rewriting is only carried out after receipt of the money.

If the ticket holder has booked other services in addition to the ticket, only a transfer of all services (admission ticket, hotel, meal package) is possible. Exceptions will not be made!

Prize tickets from a raffle are generally not transferable.

For ticket transfer on site from 3 weeks before the con please observe the following rules: The transfer is only possible directly at the con.
The following documents are required for this:

-> Presentation of confirmation with amount to be paid € 0,00
-> Copy of the seller's identity card
-> Power of attorney of the seller
-> Transfer fee: 25,00 Euro
-> Your own ID card for the transfer
-> When buying discounted tickets, if you are a Geeks member yourself: present your club ID card.

Otherwise you have to pay the surcharge to the normal ticket.

Without these documents a ticket transfer is not possible!
11Can I return my ticket?
No, that's not possible according to our See: General Terms.
12Ticket not received?
Please also check your SPAM folder, because many email providers declare attachments as SPAM.