Have your photo taken with your favourite actor. All actors will have a photo session at least once a day, giving you the opportunity to get an exclusive photo of yourself with the star. Professional photographers will take the photos in a purpose built photo area, with top of the range equipment. The photo will be available within a minute after it is taken, and can be collected as you leave the photo shoot area.
Photosessions are not included in the entrance fee and must be purchased separately from the entrance ticket. Each photo session requires a separate photo session ticket.

You can order photosession tickets in advance via our ticket shop and, of course, buy them directly at the MagicCon during the respective photo session in front of the photosession room. As the photosessions are spread over the entire convention weekend, know the times of the photosessions for the particular star BEFORE buying photosession tickets online - especially if you're not there all weekend. Exact times can be read in the program about 8 weeks before the start of the convention online. Unfortunately, no autographs can be taken during the photosession as this would affect the course of the photosession. Performances by actors can be canceled at short notice during shooting commitments.
It is up to you how you dress for the photo shoot, either in costume or as you are. See examples of previous photo shoots from previous events, to get an idea of how the photos will look.

Create unforgettable moments with your favorite stars on the MagicCon with a professional photo. Our professional photo team will be there all weekend.

FAQ zur Photosession

1How is the photo sessions working?
Photosession tickets (for photos with the stars) are sold at the event - only cash is accepted there. You can avoid long waiting times at the ticket booth at Con by purchasing certain photosession tickets online in advance in our online shop - here you can also pay by credit card or direct debit.

Once you arrive in the actual photosession room you place your stuff on a table. Our team will help you with that. Now you still have a brief moment to fix yourself and here we go.

You will be standing beside the guest and look into the camera. Your photo will be taken by a professional photographer in front of a backdrop and with lighting to ensure the best possible image. You don´t have to lean over a table using a smartphone.

Afterwards you pick up your stuff und proceed to the next room. Your picture will be ready for collection almost immediately. We use a professional photo printer not some inkjet printer that lets you wait till the evening.
2How many tickets can I buy at once?
There is no limit on the number you can buy.
3Can my friend and I both be in the same picture?
Yes, however it is still one ticket per person. You can have two people in the picture, but what you need to do is buy two tickets and you can then pose together in two photos, and only one copy of each will be developed.

Exception: children up to 9 years old are free to take the picture with their parents. But EACH parent still needs their own voucher.
4What if the actor cancels and I already have purchased a ticket?
No problem. In this case please go to our con-info-booth and we will find a solution for you.
5Can I give presents to the actor or have aconversation with him?
Please refer from these due to the short time table we have at the photosessions.