An important part of our conventions are lectures by experts and readings by well-known authors. Behind it are guests, such as Directors, authors, Tolkien experts, and many other clever and creative minds who give exciting lectures or read from a book. As a rule, there is also a book signing by the author after the respective readings.

You would like to apply with a lecture or a reading at MagicCon? No problem. Just fill in the form below on this page. After receiving your message, we will check whether your lecture or reading is suitable for us. Please be patient until then – it may take some time.
14. September 2022

Ring*Con & Co. – A success story

“Back to the roots” is the motto of the big anniversary panel Ring*Con & Co. – A success story. Join Dirk Bartholomä, Mel Eisele and Julia […]
3. September 2022

Die Schattenelfen-Saga

DIE SCHATTENELFEN – SAGA Schattenelfen – Die Blutkönigin Schattenelfen – Der Gläserne Kaiser Schattenelfen – Das Eherne Wort Premiere reading of Schattenelfen – Das Eherne Wort […]
28. August 2022

Westron – Chatting like in Middle Earth

It is well known that all sorts of magical languages are spoken in Middle Earth. But often the most common language is shamefully neglected, namely Westron! […]
26. August 2022

Completely useless middle earth knowledge

“Ennyn Durin Aran Moria. Pedo Mellon a Minno.” Whoever solves this riddle will gain entrance to the dwarven mines of Kazad-dûm, but what prophecy has Elven […]
25. August 2022

Beastseller – Monomythos

A captivating, unorthodox fantasy world. A brave, innovative hero. An author who has the plot down pat. The Beastseller doesn’t offer all that. Instead, it offers […]
24. August 2022

From Pryftan to Smaug

Smaug is the dragon in Tolkien’s Legendarium that was by far the best documented or described and even found its way onto the screen in the […]
23. August 2022

Natur und Wesen von Mittelerde

“Nature and Beings of Middle-earth – Obscure and Surprising Things from Middle-earth”. Last year another book with “new” texts by Tolkien was published: “Natur und Wesen […]
23. August 2022

Emerald Witches

Laura Labas with “Emerald Witches” The new fantasy novel series by Laura Labas about the witches of Seoul: “Emerald Witches – Ahnenmond”. Seven covens rule the […]
21. August 2022

Everything just stolen – A déjà vu

It’s all just stolen – A déjà vu 20 years ago Yikes, this looks familiar, and oh! I know this synopsis from somewhere. We’re talking about […]
21. August 2022

Verderben – Kinder des Zorns

Wolfgang Hohlbein with “Verderben – Kinder des Zorns” Wolfgang Hohlbein’s new fantasy thriller “Verderben – Kinder des Zorns”. When Detective Chief Inspector Conny Fesser is assigned […]
20. August 2022

Gender in Tolkien works

Of weeping warriors and rebellious princesses: Gender in Tolkien  Whenever “gender” is mentioned in connection with Tolkien’s Middle-earth legendarium, there is usually either criticism that there […]
18. August 2022

Piper Fantasy – Programmvorstellung

Book Lovers assemble! 20 Years of Piper Fantasy: A Look Back and Sneak Peeks at the Future  From Wolfgang Hohlbein to Brandon Sanderson, Stephanie Garber, Robert […]
13. August 2022

A series to bind them all

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is finally here. What began in 2017 with the purchase of the rights has now passed its […]
7. August 2022

Bestie – Dein Verlangen ist seine Macht

Eve Summer reads from her novel Bestie – Dein Verlangen ist seine Macht Reporter Lillian White isn’t interested in supernatural things. When Christopher Hunter moves into […]
20. July 2022

Modern fan fiction

In fantasy and science fiction fandoms, fanfiction is a widespread but controversial phenomenon. Some authors and many fans find fanfictions annoying, for example because of copyright […]

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