Robert Eiba

22. March 2023

My sofa is an Armor

The lecture My Sofa is an Armor on creating costumes from recycled materials is a great way for beginners to get inspired and learn how to […]
21. March 2023

Writing fables

Dragons, unicorns, manticores, and leviathans … mythical creatures leave our readership in wonder. They are threat and promise, familiar and companion. They live in deep forests […]
20. March 2023

Die Phileasson-Saga: König der Meere

With Die Phileasson-Saga, Bernhard Hennen and Robert Corvus write one of Germany’s most successful fantasy series. In it, the greatest explorer and the greatest plunderer of […]
19. March 2023

Cosplay Weathering

Hipsterfangirlfashion, are back again! Also this year, in addition to the Cosplay Q&A, they come to the con with a lecture on a special topic: This […]
18. March 2023
MagicCon 6 | Vortrag | Cosplay Q&A | Hipsterfangirlfashion

Cosplay Q&A

Jenny, Lea and Yavanna, Hipsterfangirlfashion, are back! This year they will again enrich MagicCon with the popular Cosplay Q&A. You want to know how to style […]
17. March 2023

Winter Magic & Christmas Dream

Last year, Mary and Sabrina published two wintry and wonderful Advent calendar anthologies, each with 24 stories and a total of over 20 authors. The Christmas […]
16. March 2023

Give lively readings

Readers don’t buy your book, they buy you. And your audience wants to be entertained at your reading (or at a lecture or at the P’n’P) […]
15. March 2023

Create strange worlds

I want to create a new world with you. Who is involved? In the beginning was the idea. An idea that just won’t let you go. […]
14. March 2023

From the idea to the book

How does an idea become a book? One thing is certain: the idea has to be up to scratch, because it has to withstand a lot: […]
13. March 2023

Image editing for beginners

Who doesn’t know this? The costume fits, the pose is perfect, the facial expression is 100% and the lighting shines as if a team of 28 […]