Robert Eiba

9. July 2021

Die Phileasson-Saga: Nebelinseln

The greatest explorer and the greatest plunderer of their time face off in an epic contest to determine once and for all who deserves the highest […]
8. July 2021

Schattenelfen: Die Blutkönigin

The princess of Langollion rules over a fabulously wealthy and beautiful realm that allows all its inhabitants to enjoy personal happiness. But Alathaia’s enviers are numerous […]
5. July 2021

Game of Thrones – the Spin-offs

An excursion into the spin-offs of the cult series including House of the Dragon. After the huge success of Game of Thones, it was clear that […]
4. July 2021

Game of Thrones – the final season

The last season of Game of Thrones was so hotly anticipated by fans, and hardly any season has been the subject of so much controversy as […]
20. June 2021

Spiritus Daemonis

Spiritus Daemonis is a humorous horror series in which con artist Vincent and esoteric saleswoman Teresa have to deal with all kinds of ghosts, demons and […]
19. June 2021
MagicCon 4 | Vortrag | Fremde Welten erschaffen | by Mary Cronos

Creating foreign worlds

I want to create a new world with you. Who is there? In the beginning was the idea. An idea that simply won’t let you go. […]
16. June 2021

Elf versus Robot

Every genre has its archetypes: The elf belongs to fantasy like the robot to science fiction. Beautiful, pointy-eared, long-haired, accurate with the bow and magically gifted […]
5. September 2020

Auctions and Kickstarter Specials

Exclusive Auctions and Kickstarter Specials FedCon Events presents two brand new projects As an event organizer, the various measures to contain the Corona pandemic have hit […]
26. August 2020

Con shift to 2021

Con Fun instead of Corona Frustration FedCon and MagicCon take 2021 into their sights   FedCon: May 21 – May 23, 2021 MagicCon: 15.10. – 17.10.2021 […]
3. July 2020


MagicCon 4 – postponement unavoidable The gradual loosening of the last weeks in the course of the Corona crisis nourished our hopes to be able to […]