21. February 2022

Elves – more than pointed ears!

Elves, fairies, the ancient race, the guardians of the forest and messengers of light … No species permeates fantasy more strongly, none fascinates a wider audience. […]
12. April 2022

Video Contest

The video contest is back at MagicCon 5 – presented by Frank Hettler After a longer creative break, it’s “FILM DOWN!” again for your funny, creative […]
15. February 2023
MagicCon 6 | Gaststar | Dean O'Gorman

Dean O’Gorman

Dean O’Gorman, best for his role as Fili in the blockbuster trilogy The Hobbit, is making his way to MagicCon in Bonn again, much to the […]
17. February 2023
MagicCon 6 | Gaststar | Craig Parker

Craig Parker

Our legendary star guest Craig Parker will be back at MagicCon 6, much to everyone’s delight! The stage presence of “Sexy Mark”, as he is well […]
18. February 2023

Middle-earth Connections and Easter Eggs

A look behind the scenes at the design of the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies, highlighting all of the fun connections and super nerdy […]
20. February 2023

The Return of the King, 20 Years On

A look back at the final chapter of the Lord of the Rings film trilogy: The Return of the King. Daniel Falconer shares stories from the […]
23. February 2023
MagicCon 6 | Specials | Art Show

Creative Fans Artshow

Dear artists, craftsmen and art lovers! Be part of the Artshow at MagicCon! Here is some information. Exhibit your own works at the con, collect feedback […]
5. March 2023

Schatten der Magie

Catherine Snow, author of the “VIRIDIS Saga” and “Akademie im Niemals”, reads from her new novel, “Schatten der Magie – Das Arkane Portal”. What happens when […]
6. March 2023

Beyond Reality – Fantasy novels

Reading by Martina Wilms from the Contemporary Romantasy series “Beyond” and/or the novel “EnchanTriss“. The first volume of the series, “Beyond Darkness – Aus der Dunkelheit”, […]
7. March 2023

How do you become an author duo?

How do you actually write a book together?! You’ve always wanted to write a book with someone, but you’re not sure how to do it? Maybe […]