MagicCon 2 – Starguests

31. August 2017
MagicCon 2 | Stargast | Beverly Elliott

Beverley Elliott

Beverley Elliott best known for her recurring role as Granny in Once Upon A Time is coming to MagicCon 2 in Bonn. She played in 5 […]
30. November 2017
MagicCon 2 | Stargast | Anna Popplewell

Anna Popplewell

With Anna Popplewell we welcome one of the leading actresses from The Chronicles of Narnia at MagicCon. Born in London in 1988, the actress grew up […]
7. December 2017
MagicCon 2 | Stargast | Stephen Hunter

Stephen Hunter

With Stephen Hunter, the popular dwarfs from Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy get a particularly “heavy” increase at MagicCon. In the role of Bombur, the New Zealand […]
20. December 2017
MagicCon 2 | Stargast | James Cosmo

James Cosmo

With James Cosmo we welcome a representative from the successful series Game of Thrones at MagicCon. The British actor became known to the fantasy audience through […]
23. December 2017
MagicCon 2 | Stargast | Ian Somerhalder

Ian Somerhalder

Ian Somerhalder – the irresistible Damon Salvatore from Vampire Diaries returns to MagicCon in Bonn! Before Ian Somerhalder began his acting training in New York at […]
19. January 2018
MagicCon 2 | Stargast | Kevin McNally

Kevin McNally

“Yo ho yo ho, a pirate’s life for me!”… the Pirates of the Caribbean now enter MagicCon 2018 with actor Kevin McNally. Kevin McNally (Joshamee Gibbs) […]
24. January 2018
MagicCon 2 | Stargast | Martin Klebba

Martin Klebba

The pirate crew around Captain Jack Sparrow will get further reinforcement with Martin Klebba at MagicCon 2018, so that the “Black Pearl” will certainly soon be […]
25. January 2018
MagicCon 2 | Stargast | Shane Rangi

Shane Rangi

Shane Rangi is a true all-rounder in the film business. As an actor, stunt, creature and motion capture performer, the New Zealander has already been involved […]
17. May 2022
MagicCon 5 | Stargast | Adam Brown

Adam Brown

Adam Brown, another good pal of the Lord of the Rings universe, is on his way to MagicCon. In 2013 Adam was on stage for the […]
15. February 2023
MagicCon 6 | Gaststar | Dean O'Gorman

Dean O’Gorman

Dean O’Gorman, best for his role as Fili in the blockbuster trilogy The Hobbit, is making his way to MagicCon in Bonn again, much to the […]