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21. August 2017
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14. October 2017
MagicCon 2 | Workshop | Cosplay-Probs Pattern Basics by Frostprinz

MagicCon 2 | Workshop | Cosplay-Probs Pattern Basics by Frostprinz

Zu groß? Zu klein? Es ist nie einfach eine Waffe nach bloßem Augenmaß herzustellen. Einige mögen das Talent dafür haben, andere gehen lieber auf Nummer sicher! Kommt vorbei und lernt bei diesem Cosplay-Props Pattern Basics Workshop von Frostprinz, wie ihr Schnittmuster für Waffen in Illustrator erstellt, bearbeitet und perfekt auf eure Proportionen anpasst!

Workshop leader: Frostprinz
Max. attendance: 25  -  Pre-registration at:
Fee: Free  -  Duration: TBA
The Workshop will be held in: TBA
With the Hobbit and Basics cosplay workshops at MagicCon, cosplayers and those who want to become one, get their money's worth. If you need some tips then you are in the right place in Frostprinz's workshops!

Frostprinz has been active in the cosplay scene for more than 10 years, has already created more than 150 costumes, and has twice represented Germany at the European Cosplay Gathering in the final in Paris. 2013 with the team, and 2016 in the solo category. In addition, she has often served as a jury member for various cosplay competitions, including. the ECG, and loves to give lectures and workshops in the field of cosplay. The topics range from the experience of the ECG to the construction of armor, cosplay props, weapons and accessories as well as make-up.

It all started with cosplay from anime and manga series, as well as video games. It was only the sewing itself is not so central. It was much more interesting to build and manufacture weapons and armor of all kinds and to explore new possibilities. The bigger and more complicated the better. The challenge as a thrill. Where the focus was only on the Japanese templates, these were not long enough. Soon, characters from various films and series were added, and sewing as well as realistic make-up moved further into the foreground.

First and foremost, it's about one thing: depicting characters you love. To put heart and soul into a cosplay, and to let off steam in a variety of areas. Variety and diversity are an absolute must.

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