MagicCon 2 | Vortrag | Alles Tolkien oder was?
All Tolkien or what?
15. January 2018
MagicCon 2 | Vortrag | Nerd-Quiz Fantasy-Edition
Nerd-Quiz Fantasy-Edition
15. January 2018
MagicCon 2 | Vortrag | Wer waren denn die Inklings?

MagicCon 2 | Vortrag | Wer waren denn die Inklings?

Most of us here probably know J. R. R. Tolkien and The Lord of the Rings. Many also C. S. Lewis and at least The Chronicles of Narnia. And maybe you’ve heard that these two were friends. In addition, both belonged to a group of writers who called themselves “Inklings”. They met regularly for many years on Tuesday mornings in Oxford for convivial discussions in the pub and on Thursday evenings for discussion about the works they were writing.

There are already some questions: Did it have an influence on her works? How much Lewis is in Tolkien and how much Tolkien in Lewis? And who else belonged to it? Are there still hidden connections and fantasy pearls? How did these people come together, what held them together and why did they part? The lecture Who were the Inklings? by Dr. Christian Weichmann is dedicated to these and some other questions.

Lecturer: Dr. Christian Weichmann
Duration: 60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german
Dr. Christian Weichmann has long been a Tolkien and Fantasy reader. Soon after its foundation he joined the "Deutsche Tolkien Gesellschaft" ("German Tolkien Society"). In this position, he was active as a member of the board for a long time. And even now he still represents her as a lecturer or quizmaster at events. He is also a member of the club magazine Der Flammifer von Westernis and a member of the advisory board of DTG.

He is interested in all of Tolkien's work, especially the things that are often overlooked in the shadow of Lord of the Rings, and also the person of Tolkien. He earns his living as a technical software developer in Bonn.

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