MagicCon 2 | Workshop | Magie für Fantasy-Storys
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18. December 2017
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15. January 2018
MagicCon 2 | Workshop | Magic: The Gathering - Einführung

MagicCon 2 | Workshop | Magic: The Gathering - Einführung

What should not be missing on MagicCon? Exactly! Enough magic, of course. Therefore, a workshop on the TradingCardGame (TCG) Magic: The Gathering will be offered again this year. Christoph Schnelle’s workshop is primarily aimed at beginners with little to no experience. The game is explained from the ground up, so the workshop Magic: The Gathering – Introduction offers the opportunity to explore one of the most complex and oldest TCGs.

The workshop is divided into two parts. In the first hour the basics of the game are explained and first auditions are conducted. In the second lesson, this knowledge is then deepened so that at the end of the game each participant can carry out a game independently. All participants will be provided with the necessary materials and may keep them at the end of the workshop.

For the second hour experienced players are invited again this year to play a game in the workshop room. Don’t forget to bring your own decks for playing. There is no participation fee to be paid.

Registration is possible at the information desk or (if there are still places available) in the workshop room. The workshop will be held in German but the rules can also be explained in English.

Workshop leader: Christoph Schnelle
Max. attendance: 16  -  Pre-registration at: see information above
Fee: EUR 5,00  -  Duration: 120 min
The Workshop will be held in: german
My name is Christoph Schnelle from Paderborn. I'm 31 years old and student in business informatics. In addition to my studies, I work in different areas of an old people's centre in Paderborn. In addition, I am an honorary member of a student marketing association where I am currently working on various projects.

To my gaming experience: I have been playing Magic: The Gathering for over 20 years. Here I could gain intensive experience in the private game, but also extensive tournament experiences. I also have experience in various other TCGs (also digital games). I already offered the beginner's workshop for the game last year at MagicCon.

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