21. February 2022

Elves – more than pointed ears!

Elves, fairies, the ancient race, the guardians of the forest and messengers of light … No species permeates fantasy more strongly, none fascinates a wider audience. […]
7. March 2023

How do you become an author duo?

How do you actually write a book together?! You’ve always wanted to write a book with someone, but you’re not sure how to do it? Maybe […]
12. March 2023

Cosplay sewing for beginners

After the surprising turnout for MagicCon 5 last year, I’m offering an improved version of my workshop. The goal is again to take away the fear […]
13. March 2023

Image editing for beginners

Who doesn’t know this? The costume fits, the pose is perfect, the facial expression is 100% and the lighting shines as if a team of 28 […]
21. March 2023

Writing fables

Dragons, unicorns, manticores, and leviathans … mythical creatures leave our readership in wonder. They are threat and promise, familiar and companion. They live in deep forests […]