21. February 2022

Elves – more than pointed ears!

Elves, fairies, the ancient race, the guardians of the forest and messengers of light … No species permeates fantasy more strongly, none fascinates a wider audience. […]
7. March 2023

How do you become an author duo?

How do you actually write a book together?! You’ve always wanted to write a book with someone, but you’re not sure how to do it? Maybe […]
12. March 2023

Cosplay sewing for beginners

After the surprising turnout for MagicCon 5 last year, I’m offering an improved version of my workshop. The goal is again to take away the fear […]
13. March 2023

Image editing for beginners

Who doesn’t know this? The costume fits, the pose is perfect, the facial expression is 100% and the lighting shines as if a team of 28 […]
14. March 2023

From the idea to the book

How does an idea become a book? One thing is certain: the idea has to be up to scratch, because it has to withstand a lot: […]
27. March 2023

Nerdy Handlettering

Handlettering, the art of beautiful letters, is not witchcraft, but can conjure up truly magical works of art. Artistic knowledge or a beautiful handwriting are completely […]
14. April 2023
MagicCon 6 | Workshop | The Ring*Choir!

The Ring*Choir

Hardly any film works without its soundtrack. The music adds as much to the story as the visual plot and it can stir deep emotions in […]
12. May 2023

Norse Magik for Beginners

Norse Magik for Beginners is a Rune Workshop for all those who enjoy or feel drawn towards the Magik of the North. As long-time practicioner and […]
3. June 2023

Magic the Gathering for Beginners

Have you ever heard of Magic the Gathering or maybe played it as a kid? Magic the Gathering is a fantasy card game in which you […]
4. June 2023

Magic the Gathering – accompanied gaming

Magic the Gathering workshop – accompanied gaming You always wanted to know what it’s like to play Magic the Gathering live against other players? You are […]