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Many thanks to all who celebrated the anniversary convention MagicCon 5 from 7 - 9.10.2022 together with us.

We are already looking forward to welcoming you to MagicCon 6 (29.09.2023 - 01.10.2023) at the Maritim Hotel Bonn. THE TICKET SHOP IS ONLINE AS OF NOW and the updated website will go online in the near future. Information about this in time via our social media channels and the newsletter.

The Tickets as well as currently available Autograph, Photo Session and “Meet & Greet” vouchers are available in the Ticket-Shop. We look forward to welcoming you to a very special fantasy event.

Also sign up for the newsletter to make sure you don’t miss any of the many great Starguests, Lectures, Workshops and a lot more phantastic program. Look forward to many unforgettable highlights at MagicCon 5.

MagicCon Impressions

Enjoy this video clip impressions of our former fantasy convention events!

Latest news

23. August 2022

Emerald Witches

Laura Labas with “Emerald Witches” The new fantasy novel series by Laura Labas about the witches of Seoul: “Emerald Witches – Ahnenmond”. Seven covens rule the […]
21. August 2022

Everything just stolen – A déjà vu

It’s all just stolen – A déjà vu 20 years ago Yikes, this looks familiar, and oh! I know this synopsis from somewhere. We’re talking about […]
21. August 2022

Verderben – Kinder des Zorns

Wolfgang Hohlbein with “Verderben – Kinder des Zorns” Wolfgang Hohlbein’s new fantasy thriller “Verderben – Kinder des Zorns”. When Detective Chief Inspector Conny Fesser is assigned […]
20. August 2022

Gender in Tolkien works

Of weeping warriors and rebellious princesses: Gender in Tolkien  Whenever “gender” is mentioned in connection with Tolkien’s Middle-earth legendarium, there is usually either criticism that there […]
19. August 2022

Lloyd Owen

Only a few more days until the first episode of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power series premieres on Prime Video on September […]
18. August 2022

Piper Fantasy – Programmvorstellung

Book Lovers assemble! 20 Years of Piper Fantasy: A Look Back and Sneak Peeks at the Future  From Wolfgang Hohlbein to Brandon Sanderson, Stephanie Garber, Robert […]
13. August 2022

A series to bind them all

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is finally here. What began in 2017 with the purchase of the rights has now passed its […]
7. August 2022

Bestie – Dein Verlangen ist seine Macht

Eve Summer reads from her novel Bestie – Dein Verlangen ist seine Macht Reporter Lillian White isn’t interested in supernatural things. When Christopher Hunter moves into […]
6. August 2022

Piper Verlag – Sponsoring Partner

The Piper Fantasy Editing Team at MagicCon 5 At MagicCon 5 you will have the unique opportunity to meet the team behind the fantasy books of […]
31. July 2022

Make mead yourself

In Tolkien’s world called Miruvóre, it is given to the companions as a farewell from Lorien. In our country this drink is known as mead, a […]
27. July 2022

Owain Arthur

On September 2, 2022, the absolute fantasy series highlight for all Lord of the Rings fans will premiere with The Rings of Power. At MagicCon 5, […]
20. July 2022

Modern fan fiction

In fantasy and science fiction fandoms, fanfiction is a widespread but controversial phenomenon. Some authors and many fans find fanfictions annoying, for example because of copyright […]
17. July 2022

Fake News in Tolkiens world

“Rohan pays tribute in the form of horses and sends many to Mordor every year – or at least so it is said” – this rumor […]
14. July 2022
MagicCon 5 | Workshop | Improvisation Workshop | Lori Dungey

Improvisation Workshop

WE’RE BACK!!! IT’S TIME TO HAVE A LAUGH & LEARN SOMETHING NEW! Join Lori Dungey in her Improvisation Workshop that promises a lot of fun. We’ll […]
13. July 2022

Update Indie and Fanfilm Scene

News from the Fantasy, Indie and Fan Film Scene Robert Vogel will again present an entertaining overview of new productions from the genre at MagicCon 5.
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