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MagicCon 5 | Lesung | Akademie im Niemals | Catherine Snow

Catherine Snow, author of the Viridis saga and Akademie im Niemals reads from her dystopian fantasy novel about Mara, Leander and their adventures at the Academy, published in December 2021. What begins like a dream of magic and reality quickly turns out to be a terrible mistake that cannot be escaped. But Mara and Leander wouldn’t be themselves if they just stood by and watched it happen.

Magic and mechanics are all it takes to master time. When Mara is summoned to the Academy in Never by the Grim Reaper, she knows nothing of all this. Nor of the fact that she has been robbed of her past and future, condemned to learn more about the work of the Academy and to continue that work. But an irrepressible will to take revenge on the Academy for her stolen life awakens in her. Even if that means joining forces with Leander, of all people …

Lecturer: Catherine Snow
Duration: 60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german
Catherine Snow was born in 1991 and lives with her family in the beautiful Alpine town of Innsbruck.

Her debut Viridis - Der Seelenfänger was published in February 2020, followed in January 2021 by the prelude to her fantastic, three-part short story series Das Amulett der Zeitreisenden (The Amulet of Time Travellers) about the young archaeologist Penelope Pope. In December 2021, her dystopian fantasy novel Die Akademie im Niemals was published by Bookapi.

While more stories are being written in her head or on paper, the author visits the real-life settings of her novels. The student is particularly fond of the British Isles.

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