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MagicCon 5 | Lesung | Weltenkreis: Finnurs Suche | Ulf Fildebrandt

Reading from Finnurs Suche

Memories are magic

When Finnur awakens in Sayid Deoch’s palace, he has no past. Only the feeling of flying seems familiar to him. Before he can solve the mystery, his father, the master of the Deoch dynasty, is attacked, and Finnur must flee. The dangerous search for the reason for his existence leads him to different worlds of the world circle, to new insights about his origin and to new companions. Always on the run from Lete Russom, the master of the once-defunct Aëdin dynasty, who uses his victory over Sayid Deoch to become even more powerful. Over the past years, Lete Russom has collected memories of many lives, for he feels called to protect the world circle from long oblivion. He can bring these memories to himself, do magic with them, change them and use them. But in the end, what remains of the truth if you can’t rely on your memory?

Lecturer: Ulf Fildebrandt
Duration: 60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german
Ulf Fildebrandt works as a software architect and therefore moved from Northern Germany to Southern Germany near Heidelberg. For twenty years now, he has been earning his money with it and has already visited quite a few countries such as the USA, India, Israel, Bulgaria as part of his job.

However, he has been involved with science fiction and fantasy since his earliest youth. This passion inevitably led to writing first short stories, but then non-fiction and novels.

Besides short stories in EXODUS, c't or even Perry Rhodan STELLARIS, he started the fantasy series Weltenkreis. The first two novels were published by Lysandra Books Verlag.

Sources & additional links for Weltenkreis: Finnurs Suche:

Website (Ulf Fildebrandt), Website (Weltenkreis)


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