From the idea to the book
14. March 2023
From the idea to the book
14. March 2023

MagicCon 6 | Workshop | Nerdiges Handlettering | Alwy & Tatjana

Handlettering, the art of beautiful letters, is not witchcraft, but can conjure up truly magical works of art. Artistic knowledge or a beautiful handwriting are completely irrelevant, only the joy of creating is a prerequisite.

With this workshop we want to introduce you to the art of beautiful letters. Together with us, you will create your own work of art and a self-made keychain as a souvenir of MagicCon 6.

After a short introduction about what handlettering, brushlettering, calligraphy and co. actually are, and which basic principles all styles follow, we will start directly with your own nerdy handletterings.

MagicCon 6 | Workshop | Nerdiges Handlettering | Alwy & Tatjana

Using shrink wrap and a handlettered saying (e.g. MagicCon 6, “Let your geek flag fly”, “May the force be with me”, “Alohomora” or “Speak friend and enter – Mellon”), we’ll create a keychain that you can take home with you, and together we’ll paint a handlettering on paper that can serve as a greeting card, door sign or wall mural, for example.

If you like, you can also bring fineliners, colored pencils or other painting materials; registered workshop participants will receive pencils, erasers, paper, a brush pen and the materials for a keychain.

Registration: see e-mail in the info block


Workshop leader: Alwy, Tatjana
Max. attendance: 20  -  Pre-registration at:
Fee: EUR 5,00  -  Duration: 120 min
The Workshop will be held in: german  -  Material to be brought: Provided, painting materials as desired
Elf friend Alwy paints, draws, writes, crafts, sews, crafts since childhood, preferably together with her best friend Tatjana, her sign cake artist and Multifandom geek. A few years ago, handlettering was added to all the creative hustle and bustle and is now practiced daily during lunch breaks.

Together, the two longtime con-goers and cosplayers want to take away your fear of the blank page and offer a creative breather at the lively convention. The two hope that the nerdy creative spark will jump over to you as well, and that you'll take away plenty of input and inspiration for future artwork in addition to your creations.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Sources & additional links for Nerdy Handlettering:

Instagram (Tatjana), Instagram (Elfensaum)

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