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MagicCon 4 | Vortrag | Schattenelfen: Die Blutkönigin | by Bernhard Hennen

The princess of Langollion rules over a fabulously wealthy and beautiful realm that allows all its inhabitants to enjoy personal happiness. But Alathaia’s enviers are numerous – and when the queen of the elves herself sends her assassins, the princess, in order to save Langollion, must travel to a place from which no one has ever returned alive. Pursued by the Queen’s henchmen and watched by a dark force, she sets out. But she knows that at least one of her companions is just waiting to murder her.

In the reading Schattenelfen: Die Blutkönigin with audience discussion at MagicCon 7, Bernhard Hennen presents his novel.

Lecturer: Berhanrd Hennen
Duration: 60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german
b>Bernhard Hennen, born in 1966, studied German language and literature, history, and Near Eastern antiquities. As a journalist, he traveled the Orient and Central America before devoting himself entirely to writing fantastic novels. More than 35 novels have now been published. With his Elfen-Saga, he stormed all the bestseller lists and wrote his way to the top of the German fantasy authors. His books have now been published in ten countries and have sold more than five million copies. He is currently returning to his most successful fantasy cosmos with the Schattenelfen trilogy; the prelude volume Die Blutkönigin was published in 2021.

Yet the beginning of this writer's career looked quite different: At times, Bernhard had to take any job that came along to make ends meet for himself and his family - among other things, he worked as a show fighter at medieval fairs and as a Santa Claus. An arsenal of swords from that time has to share space in his house with a sprawling collection of pewter figures. From time to time he moves out with these miniature armies to indulge in his hobby at tabletop events.

Bernhard Hennen lives with his family in Krefeld.

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