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20. November 2019
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12. February 2020

MagicCon 4 | Specials | 50.000 Orks

“History of Middle Earth 2.”!

Middle Earth in model, not a big one, but several dioramas in different sizes we will show you at MagicCon. Like “Courage Merry, Courage”, or a section of the diorama “Tangado Haid”, Hobbiton etc.. On these you will find important events in the history of Middle Earth. We hope to contribute a little bit to the special flair of this convention. We are looking forward to seeing you at MagicCon 7.

Our projects in numbers :

  • The total size of the dioramas is about 45 sqm
  • On the dioramas will be about 4.900 figures in (28mm tabletop size) to see and of these will be again about 2.900 converted
  • We will use about 150 kg of scatter material and 200 model trees and much more

    As always, we would like to thank the many hobby colleagues and companies who have supported our idea. Here we would like to mention especially:

    • Kamar figures
    • Kai Fuhrmann figures
    • Shield
    • Finland HDR Ebay Shop
    • Tabletop model making

    We also thank the MagicCon 7 organisation team, the Fellow-ship group and the Dunedain Germany, Becky Dillon, Andreas Kinder, Jörg Ossenbrüggen and Gerd Schäfer for supporting our projects. And our friends Heike, Rebecca, Moka, Stefan, Thomas, Gabi, Marcel, Oliver, Sonia, Nicole, Julia, Benjamin and some more.

    Sources & additional links for 50.000 Orks:


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