Tanz / Dance I (for everybody)
5. February 2020
MagicCon 4 | Workshop | TCG Magic: The Gathering | by Christoph & Feliciana Mokry
TCG Magic: The Gathering
17. February 2020

MagicCon 4 | Workshop | Tanz / Dance II (Fortg. / Advanced) | by Knobloch-Maas / Servatius

Dance Workshop II at MagicCon 4

For more experienced participants, we would like to dance some more complicated dances and, if possible, rehearse a dance for the “Closing Ceremony” of MagicCon 4. This workshop is intended for people who have been to one of our previous workshops and/or know what a longway is and how it works. Many of the dances are from the historical collection “The (English) Dancing Master” from the 17th/18th century.

Please bring clothes suitable for dancing and do not forget to bring something to drink.

Workshop leader: Dr. Renate Knobloch-Maas, Heike Servatius
Max. attendance: TBA  -  Pre-registration at: TBA
Fee: TBA  -  Duration: 90 min
The Workshop will be held in: german and english
For many years, Dr. Renate Knobloch-Maas and Heike Servatius have been offering dance workshops at RingCon, HobbitCon and now MagicCon.

Since 1994, Renate Knobloch-Maas has been an active member of a music ensemble specialized in historical music (including dance music) from the Middle Ages to the 18th century, and has practised both historical and fantasy dancing for more than a decade.

Heike Servatius is an experienced re-enactor and historical dancer; her main interest are historical dances mainly from the Playford collection (1651-1728).

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