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MagicCon 5 | Lesung | Bestie - Dein Verlangen ist seine Macht | Eve Summer

Eve Summer reads from her novel Bestie – Dein Verlangen ist seine Macht

Reporter Lillian White isn’t interested in supernatural things.

When Christopher Hunter moves into the house next door, the tide turns.

The ex-actor was accused of a gruesome murder a few years ago, preceded by a shocking sex video. Then it became quiet around the star.

The chaotic Lillian senses her chance for an undercover story and she gets involved in a dangerous game with Hunter.

But then mysterious things start happening and Lillian is no longer sure if Hunter is really who he says he is.

Let Eve Summer take you into the world of “Dark Romance”. Here urban fantasy meets a good portion of eroticism. The reading is therefore only suitable for persons 18 years and older.

Lecturer: Eve Summer
Duration: 45 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german
When urban fantasy meets tingling sensuality, and when suspense and pointed humor meet at just the right moment, then you've landed with Eve Summer.

Eve Summer writes fantasy novels without losing her grip on the ground. Her book Bestie - Dein Verlangen ist seine Macht was published by APP Verlag in 2022.

The author is the mother of a young son and lives with her husband in the Bergisches Land. She loves nature, poetry and music. Eve has lived in England for a long time and regularly visits her second home, which is why most of her stories have a connection to London or rural England.

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