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MagicCon 5 | Vortrag | Fan-Art, Fan-Fiction & das Recht | Gregor Theado

Fan art and fan fiction are based on (usually very well-known) original works. Particularly when fan art and fan fiction are published, one should therefore take a close look to see whether the rights of third parties to the work are not possibly being violated: because the actors and actresses or authors of the original works (or usually their publishers and agencies …) quickly feel that their feet have been stepped on. Warnings and quite noticeable claims for compensation can be the result.

Fan fiction and fan art can infringe the copyright of the original work. Copyright is a sharp sword – sometimes perhaps even too sharp. Therefore, we want to take a look at the point at which the copyright of the original work is affected, how far the protection goes and whether there might not be one or the other trick or trick how you can confidently show your fan fiction and fan art. We will also take an in-depth look at the right of personality, e.g. of film and series actors, and will see when, for example, your drawing can be presented on your socials without any problems and where the boundaries are to be drawn.

Lecturer: Gregor Theado
Duration: 60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german
Gregor Theado is himself a creative with a passion. In his main profession as a lawyer, he has been advising various cultural and creative professionals for over a decade, particularly in copyright and contract law. Whether it is a question of founding a self-publishing company, drafting authors' and artists' contracts or the protection of creative services - all of this is part of his consulting repertoire, which he also regularly discusses in workshops and lectures and passes on his knowledge.

As founder and managing director of the agency AMM Arts Music Media, chairman of an association for pop and event culture and as a passionate hobby musician, he also knows the demands and hurdles that daily life holds in store for creatives. Last but not least, as a fan of the fantastic, he is especially happy to be able to give a talk at MagicCon again!

Sources & additional links for Fan-Art, Fan-Fiction & the Law:

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