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MagicCon 5 | Lesung | Schwert & Meister | Florian Clever

Reading of “Schwert & Meister” by and with Florian Clever

A dark god returns from exile. Young Glen is still unaware of this. He possesses the rare gift of tracking down Niyn, a magical ore. Weapons made of Niyn have powerful magic powers. When a cruel prince covets the Niyn, Glen gets into trouble. A dangerous adventure begins, with only the magic ore at Glen’s side. Until fate brings him together with six companions. Together they dare the impossible: to break the reign of the dark god forever.

Glen’s adventurous journey takes him away from his home village to perilous places and delicate incidents. He loses much and gains much. His life experiences change him, and not just for the better. Loving Glen is not always easy, and even for him, love remains a challenge. The fight against Askeleon, the fallen sixth god of Iatiaras, shapes him, demands everything from him, until the final act.

Lecturer: Florian Clever
Duration: 60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german
The author Florian Clever comes from Kleve. He studied economics, taught windsurfing, sailed as a mate in charter shipping, delivered the mail, and became an advertising copywriter before turning entirely to novel writing. In the early eighties, he became infected with the fantasy virus. For three decades he was active in fantasy role-playing groups. When he's not polishing his next book, he enjoys cooking, Nordic walking, or trying his hand at guitar, piano, and singing.

His medieval-influenced story world Iatiara convinces with authentic characters and settings as well as with gripping adventures.

Up to now, Florian Clever has published
- Schwert & Meister
- Mesrée-Saga
- Der weiße Kristall
- Piratengesindel

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