Character Development meets RPG
17. April 2023
MagicCon 7 | Gaststar | Dean Lennox Kelly
Dean Lennox Kelly
9. March 2024
Character Development meets RPG
17. April 2023
MagicCon 7 | Gaststar | Dean Lennox Kelly
Dean Lennox Kelly
9. March 2024

MagicCon 6 | Workshop | Magic the Gathering für Einsteiger | Jessica & Jannik

Have you ever heard of Magic the Gathering or maybe played it as a kid?

Magic the Gathering is a fantasy card game in which you compete in a magic duel against your fellow players.

You can cast all kinds of spells, send your monsters into battle, play enchantments or destroy your opponents with sorceries.

Jessica & Jannik are two experienced Magic players who have been avid fans of the card game since childhood.

They are present at every new edition and if they spend money on something, then on new decks and Magic cards!

In this workshop you will learn the basics of Magic the Gathering. In 1.5 hours, you’ll learn how to master the card game and get to ask all kinds of questions!

If you already have Magic the Gathering decks at home, feel free to bring them along.

Of course, the two of them will provide enough beginner decks for everyone to play on site!

The most important thing is that you’re up for it and have fun, and of course that you’re interested and curious to learn more about Magic.

What is behind the current hype?

Jessica & Jannik are open for any question about the card game, dare and join in!

Let yourself be enchanted!

Workshop leader: Jessica & Jannik
Max. attendance: TBA  -  Pre-registration at: TBA
Fee: TBA  -  Duration: 90 min
The Workshop will be held in: german
Jessica has already come into the world as Khaleesi. Four years ago, she discovered her great passion for Magic the Gathering and has been a feared opponent for her friends ever since (especially when she unpacks her angel deck!). Jessica is also into many other fantasy worlds, including Dungeons & Dragons.

Jannik came into the world with a Magic deck in his hand. He is mainly interested in gaming, but also in different fantasy stories like Lord of the Rings. If there's one topic Jannik can talk about non-stop it's Magic the Gathering, and what tactics he can use to best destroy Jessica!

Jessica & Jannik have been attending German conventions for about a year now. Their first Comic Con was in Stuttgart. They also like to cosplay, maybe next at Magic Con 6?

Check out what Jessica and Jannik have to offer at Cardmarket, at BlackLotusBlossom and at Berken.

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