Das Vermächtnis der Sidhe

MagicCon 6 | Vortrag | Das Vermächtnis der Sidhe (Lesung) | Sabrina Schuh

In Das Vermächtnis der Sidhe, authors Sylvia Rieß and Sabrina Schuh take on the great challenge of adapting the fairy tale of the goose shepherdess at the well and illuminating it from two completely different perspectives. Their stories are two and yet one – independently readable and self-contained, they nevertheless only together give a complete picture.

Die Tränen der Sidhe – Sylvia Rieß

For years, the gossip press has been making serious accusations against Arthur König. Allegedly, he threw his youngest daughter out of the house. Arthur himself does not know what led to the break between them. Only one thing is certain: Flora cannot or will not be found. But when Arthur is given a fatal diagnosis, he realizes that he cannot die without seeing Flora again at least once. But how is he to fulfill this last wish, which has baffled even the police for seven years?

Das Herz der Sidhe – Sabrina Schuh

On Flora’s 25th birthday, her uncles reveal an incredible family secret to her and threaten to kill her if she doesn’t choose the family. Flora flees, completely distraught, and runs into Count Theobald von Wasserfeld, who is also on her uncles’ hit list. Soon the two find themselves on a flight across Europe with only one goal: to survive against immortal beings.

Lecturer: Sabrina Schuh
Duration: 30 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german
Sabrina Schuh is creative chaos personified. She is an author, editor, streamer, presenter, and makes bookish merchandise, as well as offering workshops and one-on-one coaching in her writing coaching business.

As a writer, she loves genre diversity as much as she does reading. That's why she publishes in the genres of fantasy, young adult, contemporary fiction, and fairy tales. She has also published several Advent calendar books with her colleague Mary Cronos and launched Fakriro, a comprehensive service for self-publishers. With this, the hybrid authors pursue the goal of giving professional quality self-publishing the stage it deserves.

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