Englishmen versus Vikings

MagicCon 6 | Vortrag | Engländer gegen Wikinger | Dr. Christian Weichmann

On August 10, 991, an English Earl dramatically lost a battle against Vikings. In 1953, an English professor published a rather unusual text in the journal Essays and Studies by Members of the English Association. What this has to do with each other and why this text is unusual will be illuminated in the lecture Englishmen versus Vikings. Also, of course, what a tea trolley has to do with it.

And to explain what all this has to do with MagicCon: The professor was, of course, Tolkien, whom we experience here several times in a way that is not so often portrayed, even if it was so important in his life: as a scientist studying Old English poetry. As an author and performer of theatrical scenes. The occasion for addressing this topic this year in particular is a new book that brings these texts together.

Lecturer: Dr. Christian Weichmann
Duration: 60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german
Dr. Christian Weichmann studied physics and works as a technical software developer in the railroad sector. He lives in the Eifel near the Laacher See. But what is more important for MagicCon is that he is an early member of the German Tolkien Society. He is also still a member of the Austrian, British and Dutch Tolkien Societies.

He has often lectured at cons and seminars on a wide variety of topics. He often tries to highlight the non-Middle-earth aspects or the lesser known works of Tolkien to counteract the sometimes somewhat one-sided view of the professor.

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