New Adult Fantasy

MagicCon 6 | Vortrag | New Adult Fantasy | Sophie & Judith

Between wingspan and eternal love, we find ourselves in the new genre of New Adult Fantasy.

What makes the genre tick, when and how did it emerge, and why did it form in the first place? What is it about authors like Sarah J. Maas and Jennifer L. Armentrout that has revolutionized the fantasy world with their books, or is currently doing so? Which group of readers do they appeal to? We would like to talk about this and about our and your favorite content from the books at MagicCon.

Partly as a lecture and partly as an open discussion. Because who doesn’t like to talk about their favorite books? Or about whether the protagonist always meets her soulmate by chance in volume 1, what the wingspan of a Fae is all about, or which 3 things Ruhn Danaan knew with absolute certainty.

Lecturer: Sophie & Judith
Duration: 60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german
Sophie and Judith have been bookworms since they can remember and have always been at home in the fantasy genre. Whether vampires, angels, werewolves, gods or fae - they read it all. Both in the youth fantasy, romance fantasy and high fantasy they feel comfortable.

So it was all the more interesting to notice how the genre has changed and a new genre has emerged in recent years: New Adult Fantasy. And out of this passion for reading came the idea to talk about it with like-minded people at MagicCon and share their thoughts.

Besides, Sophie is a trained bookseller and therefore fully in her element and might be able to provide one or the other additional insight into the world of fantasy books.

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