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MagicCon 6 | Vortrag | Pen&Paper-Spielleitung | Bernhard H. Heidkamp, Loki Marin

MagicCon 6 | Vortrag | Pen&Paper-Spielleitung | Bernhard H. Heidkamp, Loki Marin

To the Dungeon and Game Masters, Mistresses and Game Masters, and those who want to become one: We want to introduce you to running pen&paper roleplaying games. You want the classic fantasy setting with elves and halflings? Do you prefer horror? Or you want your group to discover alien worlds? Whatever you are planning, as a game master you will soon face the same questions and problems. So let’s talk about these things:

  • Pen&Paper – what is it?
  • What do my players and I need?
  • In what kind of setting do I want to play and which system fits to it?
  • What does the group want?
  • How do I prepare a campaign?
  • Different races – how do I deal with them?
  • Gods and goddesses, domains and alignments – how do I handle defaults?
  • What do I need for a good session?
  • What problems can occur and what are the solutions?
  • Your questions

We also want to chat a bit out of the sewing box. Whether it’s about problems we’ve already had to deal with, how our style has changed, or even what funny situations we’ve already experienced.

Lecturer: Brabbel Heidkamp, Loki Maring
Duration: 90 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german
Loki Maring has been playing pen&paper roleplaying games for about 5 years. His first steps were as a player, but he quickly started to lead games himself. First he was a game master for an international group. But that was only online. Meanwhile he leads a pirate campaign in the Dungeon&Dragons system. This group meets once a month at his home - if nothing comes up.

Away from Pen&Paper, Loki studies journalism and is very active in his local queer scene.

Bernhard Heinrich Heidkamp (born 1993), but only known as "Brabbel" in his circle of friends, regularly runs one-shots in various systems besides his ongoing D&D campaign. Apart from the RPG classic, he is particularly fond of "Alien", "Call of Cthulhu" and "Cyberpunk Red", depending on what the mood calls for at the moment, and is on the road as both GM and player.

When he's not entering alien worlds or creating them himself, Brabbel likes to paint overpriced little plastic men or sink into the harmonies of a James Newton Howard soundtrack, hoping to finally get his script ideas down on paper.

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