“Sternendämmerung” Romantasy

MagicCon 6 | Vortrag (Lesung) | "Sternendämmerung" Romantasy | Poppy A. Robin

The author duo Poppy A. Robin will read from their romantic fantasy trilogy Sternendämmerung. They will also share exciting insights into writing together as well as the process of creating their works.

If you’re into an unprecedented basic idea, humor, mythology, fabulous creatures, big emotions, and a plot twist or two, this is for you.

Dr. Minerva Sterling, as a budding astronomy professor, is well versed in the stars. She has her life all figured out, as do her students, strange amulets, fire unicorns, seahorses that give flowers … Wait, what?

Right. Find out what it’s all about and be transported into a wonderful and imaginative world.

The trilogy will conclude in May 2023 and will be published by DunkelStern Verlag.

Questions from the audience will be gladly taken and answered.

Lecturer: Poppy A. Robin
Duration: 60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german
Poppy A. Robin, that's us, Katja and Gesa from Germany/ Schleswig-Holstein, both teachers at a community school.

As class teachers we hear stories every day, which are sometimes fantastic and crazy. Now we have started writing our own stories. Independently, we always wanted to write books, but would never have gotten around to it if we hadn't inspired each other.

The choice of genre was easy for us, because after Gesa got Katja hooked on romance, fantasy and dystopias, there was no stopping Katja and her husband from building new bookshelves.

Together we develop our plots and storylines in an old, former forge on a floodplain overlooking the Kiel Canal.

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