The secrets of Hogwarts

MagicCon 6 | Vortrag | Die Geheimnisse von Hogwarts | Sina & Julia

Hogwarts – School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. A huge magical castle in the vastness of the Scottish Highlands. But Hogwarts is much more than “just” the place where most of the Harry Potter saga takes place. There, magic oozes from every crack. Doors that you have to ask nicely if they open, too many secret passages to find them all in the seven years of school. But besides the students and teachers, countless ghosts float through the corridors, which are decorated with heaps of very vivid paintings. But do the ghosts and paintings have a more important task than giving more or less helpful directions to lost students? And what other inhabitants are there?

In the lecture The secrets of Hogwarts we want to find out how much Hogwarts really has a life of its own, how many residents the school has and how they all interact with each other. In the process, we’ll also look at whether the size of the castle matches the number of residents. After this lecture you will have a different view of the fat lady and understand the map of the rumrunner better.

Lecturer: Sina & Julia
Duration: 60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german
Sina and Julia are two Ravenclaw sisters. They both developed a great love for fantasy at a very early age. They then lost their hearts hopelessly to Harry Potter.

Being sisters has many advantages here. Among them is not only access to twice the amount of books (which, when they moved out, meant that the two of them now own four editions of the Harry Potter series together), but also the opportunity to carry out a wide variety of projects. These include memorizing the "Talking Hat" songs, prophecies and sayings from the Harry Potter books, listing and sorting all known spells from the universe, and turning the basement into a paradise for all fantasy nerds.

The biggest project so far is a large family tree of the Harry Potter world, connecting over 130 characters. They are now presenting the results of their joint projects in lectures. They are also happy about any nerdy fantasy discussion in which you can dive as deep as possible into other worlds.

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