Winter Magic & Christmas Dream

MagicCon 6 | Vortrag (Lesung) | Winterzauber & Weihnachtstraum | Mary Cronos, Sabrina Schuh

Last year, Mary and Sabrina published two wintry and wonderful Advent calendar anthologies, each with 24 stories and a total of over 20 authors.

The Christmas season has many faces: These stories take you by airship on the tracks of criminal Santa Clauses, into the hearts of lovers and the cave of the Tatzelwurms. With suspense, love, fantasy and sometimes a touch of seriousness, they will give you a multi-faceted Advent season. When crystal fairies meet gnomes, snow paints the landscape white, and even the animal kingdom is in a festive mood, one thing is certain: the feast of love is approaching. That’s why these 24 sugary sweet stories full of love, excitement, and fantasy have come together to sweeten Advent for you and your whole family.

Let them whisk you away to the Christmas season, choose the stories they’re reading, maybe nibble on some cookies, and find out how an anthology is created and whether you’ll be able to participate in the next one yourself.

Lecturer: Mary Cronos, Sabrina Schuh
Duration: 60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german
Mary Cronos is an author, photography, illustration and design artist, facilitator and coach. She loves to use her creative chaos to create images in the minds and before the eyes of those around her. Be it with her art or in her books, which are mainly in the field of fantasy - with suspense and crime, mystery and horror or equal vampires, dragons and magic.

Sabrina Schuh is creative chaos personified. She is an author, editor, streamer, presenter and makes bookish merchandise. As an author, she loves genre diversity as much as she loves reading. Therefore, she publishes in the genres of fantasy, young adult, contemporary romance, and fairy tales.

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