Writing Layers of Love & Fear

MagicCon 6 | Vortrag | Writing Layers of Love & Fear | Lola C Wolff

Writing Layers of Love and Fear is the Art of Writing Diversity.

In the 21st Century the responsibility and pressure on the author to write diverse characters, worlds and storylines can be overwhelming. The lecture of Layers of Love and Fear deals with the question and desire for brighter and broader representation on all ends of writing, from books to TV show scripts.

How can we extend the spectrum of love and fear in media?

How can we find and amplify our own voice as writers, without falling under the bridge of pressure?

How can we dare our own truth to write the best possible stories with the characters and worlds, we never got to see when we were young?

With the concept and nature of Love, Hope, Revolt LC Wolff’s own creation, this lecture takes the listener on to a journey of self-discovery for a means of diversity between questions and take aways to amplify your imagination and heart as writer.

Q & A included at the end of the talk.

Lecturer: Lola C Wolff
Duration: 60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: english
Lola Charles Wolff, short LC Wolff (She/They) is a non-binary author, (martial-)artist, Podcast Host and mentor from London, United Kingdom.

Lo picked up a pen for their first time, when they were 12. With 15 the dream to live in London came to life, and at the age of 20 they made their dream become reality. Since then Lola has been living in London, self-published three books under their alter Ego LC HAMILTON (two English, one German), been on and off stage as actress as well as stage and costume designer and currently on the path of getting signed with an international book agent.

Since 2022 Lola runs their own business as LOLA WOLFF - Martial Artist, Holistic Practicioner of all things Astrology, Human Design and Nordic Practices as well as Mentorships. Since 2021 Lola is also one of three owners of the I AM X CREATION CREW a dark arts fantasy production crew for sustainable dark arts creation which includes the production of the TRUTH OR DEATH PODCAST - A DIVERSITY PODCAST, with regular episodes on Wednesdays.

If LC isn't busy with their creative productions they enjoy time with their nearest and dearest, a good black coffee and all things fantasy and horror.

Sources & additional links for Writing Layers of Love & Fear:

Website, Instagram, Website (I AM X CREW), Instagram (I AM X CREW)


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