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MagicCon has entered the next round and it's getting more fantastic and more magical. Join us for MagicCon II: 23 - 25 March 2018.

We will bring your stars from popular series and movies to Germany. Grab your robes and cosplays and become a part of the fantastic world of MagicCon!

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Dirk Bartholomä

Hello MagicCon

unCONventional recorded the goodbye of RingCon and HobbitCon and the new beginning ofMagicCon in this video.
13. October 2017
MagicCon | News | Neuer Termin

New MagicCon 2018 date!

Dear MagicCon friends, our MagicCon 2018, which was previously planned for 31.03. to 02.04.2018, must be brought forward by one week for an important reason. The […]
31. August 2017

Beverley Elliott

Beverley Elliott best known for her recurring role as Granny in Once Upon A Time is coming to MagicCon 2 in Bonn. She played in 5 […]
24. August 2017

Dean O’Gorman

Dean O’Gorman best known for his role as Fili in The Hobbit, is coming aiging to MagicCon in Bonn, Germany. The New Zealander Dean O’Gorman started […]
6. August 2017

Lori Dungey

Lori Dungey will be back in town for MagicCon II as Mistress of Ceremonies! We can’t wait for “Mini Mark” to be back again in Bonn! […]
5. August 2017

Craig Parker

There are no words for Craig Parker, you need to experience him! The RingCon legend, better known as Sexy Mark, remains true to us and will […]
4. August 2017

Mark Ferguson

What would MagicCon be without its trusted Master of Ceremonies? Mark Ferguson, a.k.a. Maxi Mark, will make your experience at MagicCon in Bonn once again amazing […]
3. August 2017

RingChoir Workshop

The RingChoir Workshop has been a part of our conventions for ages! And so Kerstin-Anja and Sandra are back for MagicCon 2. When you share their […]
2. August 2017

Michael Malarkey

It will be quite dangerous at MagicCon 2018. Michael Malarkey, known from The Vampire Diaries comes to Bonn. Michael Malarkey starred as Enzo in the TV […]
13. May 2017

Welcome to MagicCon 2018!

Welcome to MagicCon II! MagicCon has entered the next round and it’s getting more fantastic and more magical. Join us for MagicCon II: 31 March – […]