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Let's begin something new and immerse into the magic of beginnings...

With MagicCon we will start something new and we would like to invite you to walk this magical path together with us. After 14 years of RingCon and 4 years of HobbitCon it is time to clear the stage for the best of both conventions and more: MagicCon. Join us when Maritim Hotel Bonn turns into a magical world of elves, dwarves, hobbits and kilted Scotsmen: 21-23 April 2017!

We will bring your stars from popular series and movies to Germany. Grab your robes and cosplays and become a part of the fantastic world of MagicCon.

YourMagicCon Team
Dirk Bartholomä
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Hello MagicCon

unCONventional recorded the goodbye of RingCon and HobbitCon and the new beginning ofMagicCon in this video.
21. October 2016

Andrew Scott

Did you miss him? It won’t take much longer and we have Sherlock’s nemesis at MagicCon. Andrew Scott is coming to Bonn in April. The Irish […]
21. October 2016

Workshop – Bookbinding

You always wanted to bind your own book? That’s your chance at MagicCon. You all know Bilbo’s famous red book, but have you ever wondered who […]
20. October 2016

Mark Ferguson

You already have Mini Mark and Sexy Mark und now Maxi Mark is coming as well. Mark Ferguson will be the Master of Ceremonies at our […]
14. October 2016

Ian Somerhalder

We last saw him at BloodyCon, now he is back for MagicCon: The Vampire Diaries and Lost star Ian Somerhalder will join us at Maritim Hotel […]
10. October 2016

Emilie de Ravin

Good news for all Once Upon A Time and LOST fans! Emilie de Ravin is coming to Bonn for MagicCon in April 2017. Emilie de Ravin […]
5. October 2016

Lori Dungey

Lori Dungey will be back in town from 21th – 23th April 2017! Our Mini Mark is very excited for her first MagicCon in Bonn. She’s […]
3. October 2016

Lotte Verbeek

Lotte Verbeek said good-bye to her role as Geillis Duncan on the stake in Outlander, but at MagicCon 2017 she will be spending a fun weekend […]
1. October 2016

Craig Parker

There are no words for Craig Parker, you need to experience him! The RingCon legend, better known as Sexy Mark, remains true to us and will […]
2. September 2016

Three Stage Fighting Workshops

Have you always dreamt of being a real warrior? Than take your chance at MagicCon 1. Maylin and Ronin will teach you how to fight. Grab […]
13. August 2016

RingChoir Workshop

MagicCon is going to happen and we’ll be there as well! Although we do not yet know what this new con is going to bring us, […]
27. July 2016

Graham McTavish

A Scot, a dwarf and a War Chieftain sums up only one man: Graham McTavish! The Glaswegian will join us at MagicCon 2017! What would the […]
24. July 2016

Dean O’Gorman

Dean O’Gorman best known for his role as Fili in The Hobbit, is coming to the very first MagicCon in April in Bonn, Germany. The New […]
14. July 2016

The Evil in Harry Potter

Just in time for the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter, Franziska Göbel and Denise Burkhard are presenting in their lecture the true evil in the Harry […]
2. May 2016

Welcome to MagicCon

And suddenly you know: It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings. – Meister Eckhart. With MagicCon we will start something new […]
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