MagicCon 3 | Special-Events | Game of Thrones - Ausstellung
Game of Thrones – Exhibition
15. February 2019
MagicCon 3 | Special-Events | Stars im Fokus - Vernissage
Stars in focus – Vernissage
30. March 2019



Caesar Costumludi presents in an elaborate exhibition all sorts of things about Rome in history, fiction and art. In addition to Caesar himself, accompanied by Marc Anton, faithful legionnaires and an enchanting Cleopatra, HE shows the people of Castra Bonna some of their riches.

High-quality exhibits and professional presentation stand out. At the heart of the stand is the 4 x 4 metre “general tent”, in which Caesar invites the audience. A 3 x 2.25 metre pop-up showing Raphael’s fresco from the Vatican “School of Athens” and in which Caesar had himself smuggled in creates a special atmosphere. Caesar’s golden throne stands in front of it and he welcomes clients, senators and barbarian visitors.

The tent floor is covered with carpet and also houses an exhibition of high-quality Roman exhibits. In the tent three elaborately decorated military armours made of steel, bronze and leather are exhibited together with the remaining equipment (helmets, subarmalia, weapons, shoes, amphorae, busts and other props from “sandal films” (The Eagle, Gladiator, Centurion).

Humoresques such as Children’s Egg Surprise Romans, Asterix comic books or references to Life of Brian will loosen up the exhibition.

Small “invisible” boxes provide the inside of the tent with sound in keeping with its status.

The following mannequins decorate the stand in front of the tent:

  • Flavius, the faithful legionnaire, fully equipped, keeps watch at the entrance
  • Cleopatra lures with Egyptian charms at the info table and is successfully placed in the limelight by a 1.50 metre wide roll-up.
  • Maxentius the gladiator stands ready at the second entrance
Game of Thrones: Sir Jaime Lannister

On the outer tent wall, the armour of the popular Game of Thrones character, a tapestry and a roll-up to the popular series are presented.

  • “Where does history end, where does Hollywood begin”
    A guided tour of the stand and an explanation of the different armour and exhibits are planned once a day with regard to authenticity and fiction.
  • “Join the Legion”
    Here the visitors of the Con are given the opportunity to dress as legionnaires and take a souvenir photo with the emperor. A daily time slot is provided for this purpose.
  • Cooperation with RK Photographie
    Caesar allows visitors to MagicCon 7 to capture their memories as a photo. Ralph Kopitz, master of the lens, will set up his photo booth on the stand and photograph the visitors with or without Caesar.
  • Gladiator performance
    On Saturday Caesar will have some gladiatores from his private ludus perform for the entertainment of the people of Castra Bonna. Blood, sweat and sand will be on the agenda when the Morituri will prove their skills at 15:30 on Saturday.

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