MagicCon 3 | Workshop | Tengwar - Elbische Schrift
Tengwar – Elvish script
3. December 2018
MagicCon 3 | Workshop | Fellowship-Blatt aus Perlen
Fellowship leaf made of pearls
23. January 2019
MagicCon 3 | Workshop | Historische und Fantasy-Tänze

MagicCon 3 | Workshop | Historische und Fantasy-Tänze

Dance Workshop I, 90 min (Heike Servatius and Renate Knobloch-Maas)

Line dances and round dances that are often danced at renaissance faires and fantasy events. Many of the dances are based on historical dances. Partners or dance experience is not required.

Dance Workshop II, 90 min (Heike Servatius and Renate Knobloch-Maas)

For more experienced participants, we would like to dance some more complicated dances and, if possible, rehearse a dance for the Closing Ceremony. This workshop is intended for people who have been to one of our previous workshops and/or know what a longway is and how it works.

For both workshops it is a good idea to bring something to drink.


Workshop leader: R. Knobloch-Maas/H. Servatius
Max. attendance: TBA  -  Pre-registration at: TBA
Fee: TBA  -  Duration: 90 minutes each min
The Workshop will be held in: german and english  -  Material to be brought: something to drink, clothes suitable for dancing
For many years, Dr. Renate Knobloch-Maas and Heike Servatius have been offering dance workshops at RingCon, HobbitCon and now MagicCon. Since 1994, Renate Knobloch-Maas has been an active member of a music ensemble specialized in historical music (including dance music) from the Middle Ages to the 18th century, and has practised both historical and fantasy dancing for more than a decade. Heike Servatius is an experienced re-enactor and historical dancer; her main interest are historical dances mainly from the Playford collection (1651-1728).

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