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1. March 2022
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Cosplay Q&A
18. March 2023

MagicCon 6 | Vortrag | Fremde Welten erschaffen | Mary Cronos

I want to create a new world with you. Who is involved?

In the beginning was the idea. An idea that just won’t let you go. It haunts your head and at some point it asserts itself: It wants to be written. Maybe it’s literally a new world you’re creating, or maybe it’s a story that opens our eyes to a strange world on our own doorstep.

You will find that the approach is not so different. Whether a story is fictional or real for you makes no difference to the reader. For him, your story is a new, strange world. Your task is to tell it in such a way that it becomes real and tangible for the reader.

But what makes this new world exciting and alive? How and what do we have to write so that others also want to get to know this world? Where do our ideas come from and how does a fantasy idea become a fantasy story?

In my writing workshop, I want to get to the bottom of this.

For my fantasy series Nafishur I created a completely new world and the more I dealt with it, the more extensive it became. I would like to share my experiences with you.

Lecturer: Mary Cronos
Duration: 90 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german
Mary Cronos is an author, photography, illustration and design artist, facilitator and coach. She loves to use her creative chaos to create images in the minds and in front of the eyes of those around her - be it with her art or in her books, which are mainly in the realm of fantasy - with suspense and crime, mystery and horror or equal parts vampires, dragons and magic.

She's turned quite a few ideas into books: Single volumes like her Scottish Houston Hall, series like her magical Nafishur and also series like her eerily funny Spiritus Daemonis. Now she wants to help you create books and worlds and get started on the book adventure.

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