MagicCon 4 | Vortrag | Fremde Welten erschaffen | by Mary Cronos
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19. June 2021
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4. July 2021

MagicCon 4 | Vortrag | Spiritus Daemonis | by Mary Cronos

Spiritus Daemonis is a humorous horror series in which con artist Vincent and esoteric saleswoman Teresa have to deal with all kinds of ghosts, demons and other beings. Using unconventional means – and usually without a plan B – they encounter legendary figures from religion and local folklore. But they are not alone against the darkness, because a part of the underworld, seems to be interested in their work.

The series kicks off with the first episode “Des Betrügers Exorzismus”: Vincent and Teresa meet virtually in her online store, when he asks you for help with a fake exorcism. Teresa can’t talk the would-be priest out of his venture and then tries to do damage control. Mary Cronos presents the series in her reading on MagicCon 5.

Lecturer: Mary Cronos
Duration: 60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german
Mary Cronos and Jan Gießmann are avid fantasy authors who love to not only transport their readers to strange worlds, but also give them goosebumps and diaphragm muscle aches.

Sources & additional links for Spiritus Daemonis:

Exorbay (Website), Der Orden der Geweihten (Website), The Cronos Post (Blog)

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