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MagicCon 4 | Vortrag | Game of Thrones - die finale Staffel | by Marion & Frank Müller

The last season of Game of Thrones was so hotly anticipated by fans, and hardly any season has been the subject of so much controversy as the last. Why is that?

We let the decisive moments of Game of Thrones – the final season in the lecture on the MagicCon 7 pass again in review, matching we illuminate the background and facts of the shooting, give opinions of fans, actors and the crew and would like to hear your opinion on the final season.

What could have been done better, what was good or even better than expected, what was disappointing? We are looking forward to your opinion!

Lecturer: Marion & Frank Müller
Duration: 60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german
Marion and Frank Müller, superfans and experts of the cult series Game of Thrones, have accompanied the various Game of Thrones exhibitions worldwide in their self-sewn costumes over the past 10 years.

They officially work with both Sky Germany and HBO, have been allowed to visit the filming locations in Northern Ireland and the studios in Belfast, and have co-hosted the Thrones Talks produced by Sky Germany.

On their Facebook page : "German Superfans-Game of Thrones" and on Instagram, they report on GoT events and provide useful information and tips on costumes, weapons, jewelry and props.

Since 2015, they have been passing on their knowledge to fans with their info booth, giving them an insight into the world of Westeros.

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