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25. January 2020
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MagicCon 4 | Vortrag | Gawain - Lichtfalke | by Jessica Bernett

Reading from “Gawain – Lichtfalke”, the historical fantasy novel about the hero of the Round Table.

History mixes with mythology, well-known legends are spun into new patterns. Already with “Elayne – Rabenkind” the author Jessica Bernett went on the trail of King Arthur. Now his faithful companion Gawain is the focus of the story.

Gawain, the Light Falcon of Lothian, has exactly two rules when it comes to finding a lover: no virgins and no wives. The hero of the Round Table is put to the test when he meets the beautiful wife of the clan leader on the island of Erínn … But his love affairs fade into the background when he receives sad news that calls him back to the north of Britain. A journey that changes Gawain forever, as his path takes him through a forest that is not only dangerous but also enchanted.

Lecturer: Jessica Bernett
Duration: 60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german
Jessica Bernett was born on a sunny autumn day in 1978 as the granddaughter of a printer in Wiesbaden. She would love to travel the whole world and spend a few months in each place. Currently she lives with her husband, her two children and a Persian Mix cat in Mainz.

She loves strong female characters, which she involves in exciting stories, and rages out in all areas of fantasy, from historical fantasy to urban fantasy to science fantasy.

When Jessica Bernett isn't sinking into adventures with her children, writing or dreaming of new stories, she likes to go to conventions to talk to like-minded people about her favourite series, films and books.

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