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MagicCon 5 | Lesung | Beastseller - Monomythos | Jan Gießmann & Mary Cronos

  • A captivating, unorthodox fantasy world.
  • A brave, innovative hero.
  • An author who has the plot down pat.

The Beastseller doesn’t offer all that. Instead, it offers a look behind the scenes of a new world. Together with the fairy Ciri and the stereotypical pre-hero Marc, we enter a world full of fantasy-specific dangers. For Marc wakes up in a strange world and remembers nothing. As the chosen one, he now has to endure the monomyth, learn the difference between creators and observers and, typical for the genre, outgrow himself. But his companion Ciri seems to be guarding a dark secret.

Who does she serve? Him or a strange, higher power? Can Marc trust her? And why does the blurb consist of nothing but buzzwords?

The Beastseller gives you answers to questions you didn’t even have before this blurb.

You can expect a reading of a special, lively kind, which throws you just as abruptly into a strange world, as our protagonist Marc.

Lecturer: Jan Gießmann & Mary Cronos
Duration: 60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german
Jan Gießmann was born in 1993 in Goslar and has been writing stories about mysterious orders and alien worlds since his elementary school days.

Besides writing fantasy novels, he is interested in martial arts and everything fantastic. He has lived in Hamburg since 2015 and self-published the first episode of his debut novel "Der Orden der Geweihten - Verräterin" in 2017. His second major novel is already in the works, though two other projects have caused some delay: today, his works include the Beastseller and the Spiritus Daemonis series.

He writes the latter together with his colleague Mary Cronos, who is always happy to lend her voice to the fairy Ciri in Beastseller - as she does in this reading.

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