Westron – Chatting like in Middle Earth
28. August 2022
Ring*Con & Co. – A success story
14. September 2022
Westron – Chatting like in Middle Earth
28. August 2022
Ring*Con & Co. – A success story
14. September 2022

MagicCon 5 | Lesung | Die Schattenelfen-Saga | Bernhard Hennen


  • Schattenelfen – Die Blutkönigin
  • Schattenelfen – Der Gläserne Kaiser
  • Schattenelfen – Das Eherne Wort

Premiere reading of Schattenelfen – Das Eherne Wort at MagicCon 5 in Bonn (the book will be published on 23.11.2022).

Do you love tales of intrigue in glorious princely courts, of dragons, elves, and other fantastical creatures, of great battles and unassuming heroes bravely facing the invincible? Then risk a look at the fantastic worlds of bestselling author Bernhard Hennen, who combines magical and earthly in an unusual way.

Princess Alathaia lives a dream on Langollion. Each of her subjects should have the opportunity to realize themselves and seek what fulfills their lives and makes them happy.

A dream that fuels the longings of the serfs in feudal Albenmark and causes discontent among the rulers. Therefore, a war of intrigues and assassins has been raging in the shadows for a long time.

Finally, the elf queen sends Emerelle, her most talented assassin, to the court of Langollion. And it turns out: princes can be killed, but do dreams die because of that?

Unusual times beget unusual alliances, and yet it seems inevitable that the future of Albenmark will be fought out on the battlefield. The armies are gearing up for battle to decide on the Walstatt whether the world will belong to the Dreamers or the autocratic queen.

Lecturer: Bernhard Hennen
Duration: 60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german
Bernhard Hennen, born in Krefeld in 1966, is a trained Germanist, archaeologist and historian. He completed his studies at the University of Cologne.

While still a student, he worked as a journalist for various newspapers and radio stations. He traveled through Central America, the Orient and Asia. In 1993 he wrote his first novel, "Das Jahr des Greifen – Der Sturm", together with Wolfgang Hohlbein, which was awarded the best German fantasy novel in the same year.

For research, he learned medieval sword fighting and performed for several years in the sword fighting shows of large medieval markets.

Currently, Bernhard Hennen has more than 40 historical and fantasy novels to his credit, as well as a number of short stories and novellas. His international breakthrough came with the novel "Die Elfen". His books have been translated into ten languages, have reached a total circulation of over 5 million, and have now spent more than 100 weeks on the Spiegel bestseller list. Among other prizes, Bernhard Hennen was awarded the Seraph in the category Best Book in 2019 for his novel "Die Chroniken von Azuhr – Der Verfluchte".

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