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MagicCon 6 | Vortrag | PIPER VERLAG | Programmvorstellung: Der Fantasy-Bücherherbst 2023 - Neuerscheinungen und mehr

The fantasy editors of Piper Verlag talk about their publishing work, how a fantasy publishing program is created and, of course, about the current new releases of the fall.

It will be epic, action-packed and romantic with authors like Brandon Sanderson, Carina Schnell, Laura Labas and many more. Here you are guaranteed to find your next fantastic reading material for cozy reading hours on stormy autumn days. We look forward to seeing you!

Panel date (Subject to change):

Friday / 13:00 h / Hall “Beethoven”

Signing sessions at the Piper Verlag booth (ground floor foyer):


11:00 h + 14:00 h: Laura Labas, Carina Schnell, James A. Sullivan


12:00 h + 15:00 h: Judith C. Vogt, Christian Vogt

Lecturer: Karin Pauluth, Kathrin Dodenhoeft, Paulina Schaeffer, Moderation: Charlotte Künne
Duration: 60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german
Karin Pauluth has been an editor for fantasy and science fiction at Piper for eight years, so she has already been involved in a good part of the program.

Kathrin Dodenhoeft has been an editor at Piper for three years. Previously, she was responsible for the fantasy program at Feder & Schwert Verlag and worked on pen & paper role-playing games such as "Splittermond" at Uhrwerk Verlag.

Paulina Schaeffer has been an editor at Piper in the fantasy and science fiction division since January 2023. Previously, she was a trainee also at Piper.

Sources & additional links for Program presentation: Fantasy Book Autumn 2023:

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