MagicCon 7 | Specials | Whisky Tastings
Whisky Tastings
1. June 2024
MagicCon 7 | Specials | Whisky Tastings
Whisky Tastings
1. June 2024

MagicCon 6 | Specials | Zu Besuch in der Reusengasse - 50.000 Orks - Diorama

The 50,000 Orcs Project is showing at MagicCon 6:
  • Zu Besuch in der Reusengasse (A visit in the Reusengasse)

A diorama of Seestadt with more than 140 houses and hundreds of small parts and about 250 figures and a construction time of about 3 years we exhibit at this year’s MagicCon. Here you can explore some parts of Seestadt via Reussengasse to Krabbenplatz and so on. Also Hobbingen we have again in the luggage.

We are looking forward to you and a nice weekend in Bonn at the MagicCon.

Our projects in numbers :

  • The total size of the dioramas is about 28 sqm.
  • On the dioramas will be about 250 figures in (28mm tabletop size) to see and of these will be again about 120 converted.
  • We will use about 140 houses and about 60 boats and a lot of small parts.

Thanks as always to the many hobby colleagues and companies who have supported our idea and in particular:

  • FA. Kamar figures , FA. Kai Fuhrmann figures,, Finnsland HDR Ebay Shop, FA.Tabletop-Modellbau, Fa Kutami

All of them promoted or supported us in different ways.

We also thank the organizing team of MagicCon, DTG, Becky Dillon, Andreas Kinder and Jörg Ossenbrüggen for supporting our project. And our friends Heike, Rebecca, Moka, Stefan, Thomas, Gabi, Marcel, Oliver, Sonia, Marc and some more.

Participants of the project:

Thomas Förstmann, Kai Fuhrmann, Dirk Helmes, Thomas Schmitt, Niklas Zeegers, Paul and Peter Herfen, and our team, Katharina Herfen, LouisaFuhrmann, Elias Pasch, Falco, Jörg Meier, Markus Wiekowski and sons, Jörg Cappel and Benjamin Kretschmann.

Sources & additional links for Zu Besuch in der Reusengasse:

Facebook (Peter Herfen), Website (Kai Fuhrmann)

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