From fan fiction to fiction
5. June 2024
The Arboritos are coming
7. June 2024
From fan fiction to fiction
5. June 2024
The Arboritos are coming
7. June 2024

MagicCon 7 | Vortrag | Worldbuilding 101

Do you have a creative streak and want to bring your own worlds to life, but every time you think about it, you’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to start? The deeper you delve into your world, the more questions arise? You have the feeling that there are already umpteen worlds and you don’t know how to personalize your world?

Then welcome to Worldbuilding 101, your 1×1 workshop that brings you and your worlds closer to your scripts

In this workshop you will learn

  • Find and create the structure for your worlds
  • Create worlds that are alive and full of heart so that your readers can easily fall into them
  • Know the nuances of vibrant worlds that captivate readers
  • Techniques to create a common thread for your worlds

Whether you write books or scripts for TV and film, this workshop invites you to let your creativity and self run wild! Inspiration and a pinch of humor included!

Lecturer: Lola Wolff
Duration: 60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german

Lola Wolff (she/they) is an actress, author, singer and spiritual mentor for leadership and self-expression.

She has lived in London for almost 10 years and has been enchanting the world with her stories and projects ever since.

You can also listen to her on Truth or Death, A Diversity Podcast which features a mix of creative artist interviews, anime and manga and spiritual inspiration.

Current writing and acting projects can be found on her website as well as on her Instagram account.

When Lola is not dancing on stages around the world, you can find her immersed in her favorite anime or manga, or probably traveling between black coffee, sharks and concerts.

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